Private Joint-Stock Company «Artwinery»
Founded 29 June 1950 in Artemovsk, Donetsk region.

Head office

87 P. Lumumby St., Bakhmut, 84500,
Donetsk region, Ukraine
telephone/fax director’s outer office: (0627) 48-00-13

Artwinery is the largest Eastern European manufacturer of sparkling wines using classic bottle method. At Artwinery the full production cycle is carried out at the depth of over 72 meters in underground plaster tunnels that keep unique microclimate conditions all year round – constant temperature and humidity.
The production capacity of the enterprise is 25 million bottles of sparkling wine per year.

To produce sparkling wines Artwinery uses the best wine materials of Odessa, Kherson, Mykolayiv regions and the Crimea. Traditional sorts for manufacturing white sparkling wine are Pinot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Aligote. For red sparkling wine blending is based on Cabernet, Merlot, and Saperavi.

The enterprise implements integrated management system, meeting the requirements of International standards ISO 9001:2008 and FSSC 22000, which allows to systematize all flows oriented on meeting the consumers’ quality requirements.

Since 1958 Artwinery has annually presented samples of its products at exhibitions and prestigious international contests. The company assets include 13 Grand-Prix, 75 gold, 44 silver and 7 bronze medals. The company special achievements have been awarded with the following professional international prizes: «Prize of Leaders Club International», «Prize of Arch of Europe - Golden Star - for mastery and quality», award for the «Best Sparkling wine of Eastern Europe» of the International contest VITEFF (France).

Sparkling wines produced by the company are exported to over 20 countries worldwide, and their range is presented ON- and OFF- TRADE in Ukraine, Russia, as well as in Central and Western Europe.
In Ukraine the products are represented by trademarks «Krimаrt», «Artemovskoye», «Krim», «Charte», and «Soloking».

General Director Tolkachev Igor Eduardovich.