The wine material department is the first stage on the way to creating classical sparkling wine. It comprises first of all assembling: wine materials are united by sorts and places of growing. The received assemblage «rests» 20 days and then it is filtered. Afterwards, mixing materials of different sorts, blending is made. Herewith sorts are chosen so as to harmonize the bouquet and taste and finally obtain wine with typical taste specifics and necessary quality standards.

It is wine-making proportion that is called the «production secret». Special blending brings Artemovsk sparkling its unique bouquet: amazingly light flowery tones of white sparkling wines or rich, savoury shades of the red ones. In order to remove wine scale and achieve crystal clear wine it is necessary to pass through the treatment with cold, after which blending moves on to the second process stet, – material is fed to the tirage area.