Behaviors of visitors

Ladies and gentlemen!

  1. 1. During visiting of land superstructure and substructure of the winery, tourists shall observe traffic rules; they must go strictly on the footways and use crosswalks during crossing roads.
  2. 2. During going on the mall, do not overstep the line that divides the footway from the road; strictly keep following the guide.
  3. 3. During going, be in compact group, do not become detached from the group do not leave the group without permission of the guide.
  4. 4. By examination the technology in the facilities of the winery, do not disturb and do not divert the workers who conduct output programme.
  5. 5. In the facility of after-tirage ageing, do not approach stacks of the bottles, in order to prevent injuries; pressure in the bottles reaches 6 atmospheres.
  6. 6. In case of emergency switch-off, visitors shall behave themselves quietly; they shall not be noisy, shall not walk along the territory, and shall keep the recommendations of the guide.


  1. 1. Smoking in winery galleries.
  2. 2. Bringing spirits, cold arms and fire-arms to the territory of winery.
  3. 3. Photography and video movie-making.