One of the essential rules for tasting good quality wines is the right choice of hors d’oeuvres.
Sparkling is universal wine, which can accompany the whole meal. However, it is recommended to retain from taking it with sour, sweet, too spicy, hot dishes, as well as with chocolate and citrus, otherwise you will not be able to appreciate the taste of good sparkling wine. The key rule is to reach harmony of tastes.

Artemovsk Winery enogastronomia

(photo by Olga Malyarova, Kyiv)

Firstly, it is good to emphasize the taste of sparkling wine with high quality cheese.

White sparkling wines of brut zero, extra brut, brut, semi-dry and semi-sweet sorts may be served as aperitif, they go well with caviar, seafood and white meat dishes, suit light fresh salads.

Rose sparkling wines of brut and semi-dry sorts perfectly match salmon and prawn dishes, and fruit.

Red sparkling brut wines suit the dishes of red meat and poultry. Semi-sweet red wines are excellent with desserts, sponge and other cakes.