• – Keep sparkling wine in a dark cool place, horizontally only at the temperature from +8 to +16Co
  • – Sparkling wine should be served cool. Cool but not frozen, otherwise you will not discover the whole bouquet of flavour and taste. White sparkling wines are to be consumed being cooled down to +6 – +8 Co, rose ones down to +8 – +10 Co, red ones down to +12 – +14 Co. Sparkling wine can be cooled down in a fridge (but do not store it there), or preferably in a pail with ice – cooler. Normally, wine reaches the desirable temperature in 15-30 min.
  • – Open sparkling wine carefully, keeping the bottle at the angle of 45 degrees, one hand holding the cord, the other – turning the bottle bottom around its axis. Light smoke and a pop confirm high quality of the wine.
  • – Sparkling wine is poured by 2/3 into high and narrow glasses. Correctly chosen glass enables to feel the bouquet in the best way. For the classical sparkling wine glasses of a special shape are used, since it shows fine tints of the taste and emphasizes the wine quality.
  • – How to identify sparkling wine quality? First of all, it is necessary to examine it visually. Wine must be crystal clear, with live brilliance and light fine foam. Bubbles, normally, must be very small and equal in size.