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Sparkling wines from around the world

FRANCE: This country is considered to be the home of champagne. Famous Champagne, whose citizens invented and improved sparkling wines manufacturing, is situated in this country.

ITALY: Nothing can show Italian spirits better than Spumante, Italian sparkling wine.

SPAIN: In Spain local sparkling wines Cava are very popular. Over 95 percent Cava is manufactured in Catalonia. Catalans mastered champagnization method and began to produce Cava wines in the second half of the XIX century.

GREECE: It is said that Greece is full of everything. However, it has no home sparkling wine classical manufacturing. The Greeks purchased a license for producing sparkling wines by champagne-fermenting method (accelerated) method from the USSR in the 60s.

ISRAEL: History provides evidence that the Jews who lived in the province of Champagne were traditional wine makers and manufactured cosher champagne wine.

CYPRUS: According to Greek myths the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was born out of the sea foam at the Cypriot coast. However, Cyprus is famous not only for this fact. It is said that the vine for the well-known champagne wines was taken by French crusaders from this island.

MALTA: Cassar de Malte is the first Maltese sparkling wine, manufactured by traditional champagnization method. The Maltese version of champagne is quite «young», it has been produced since 1999.

MOROCCO: 18 km from the town of Tangier, at the sea coat, there are famous Hercules caves. It is said that even before Morocco became independent rich Europeans liked to have picnics in these caves, where they were treated only with icy champagne and a hookah.

SAR: Traditional method of sparkling wine manufacturing has been implemented in the South African Republic. The wines of Pongracz, Simonsig and Graham Beck brands have deserved to be placed among the best one in the New World.

BULGARIA: Do you know that in the 90s the most popular sparkling wine with foreign tourists in Bulgaria was … «Soviet champagne»! The Bulgarians have not introduced the production of sparkling wine. In this country only artificially saturated, carbonated wines have been manufactured.

RUSSIA: it was Russia where accelerated, also called continuous champagnization, tank method of sparkling wine manufacturing was invented.

GERMANY: Perhaps, it will be interesting for you to learn that Germans have been drinking Artemovsk sparkling wines since 1972. It was the time when regular supplies of Artemovsk winery KrimSekt brand to Germany started.

AUSTRIA: It is not in vain that Austria is thought to be cradle of aristocracy. Austrian manufacturers of sparkling wines «award» their products with indeed royal «titles» like Royal, Baron or Baronesse.

FINLAND: This country is popular not only for the vodka of the same title and the nearest residence of Santa Clause, using local Finn berries people manage to manufacture "champagne" – sorts "Kavleri" and "Elissi".

USA: America was conquered by champagne wine as early as in the middle of the ХIХ century, when famous wine-maker Charles Heidsieck left France and headed for the United States, taking with him only a suitcase with champagne. In America he became popular very soon and was nicknamed «Champagne Charlie».

JAPAN: it is curious that in Japan it is also common to serve sparkling wine for family dinners …however, theirs, Japanese. Japanese 8 degree wines are less sparkling and poured into very extraordinary bottles made of blue glass.

INDIA: In India wine-makers manufacture sparkling wine out of tropical fruit – bananas and mangos. Therefore, they created a special technology, which significantly differs from the one used in traditional champagne manufacturing.

CUBA: Cuban hotels make exquisite offers for couples in love. Here they offer a romantic dinner, flowers, champagne and music background all night long.

CHINA: In this country you will discover lots of unique things. However, we do not recommend you to try Chinese champagne wine since in China this title is given to the tea made in a special way. Chinese «champagne wine» smells penicillin and has nothing to do with classical sparkling wine.

BELGIUM: Coming to Belgium, do not miss an opportunity to visit a tennis tournament. For example, in February 2006 tennis player Kim Clijsters presented a bottle of champagne to all ten thousand spectators of her match in Antwerp.

SWITZERLAND: Did you know that in Switzerland there is a village called Champagne. The production of champagne wine started in Switzerland in the 10 century. It had happened six centuries before the invention of the sparkling wine recipe by the French.

HUNGARY: First sparkling Hungarian wines were made by Joseph Torley, who in 1882 started his winery on the hills of Old Budapest, in the town of Budafok.

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