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Artwinery Chief Production Engineer: Dialogue with sparkling wine

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Today I would like to speak about some of our, winemakers’, fundamental issues, concerning attitude to sparkling wine on the whole and rules of its consumption, in particular.

It is to be mentioned that the topic of wine etiquette is quite important for the manufacturer, since compliance with the simplest laws of consuming sparkling wine, such as cooling temperature, serving, glass shape etc., often determines the impression, which is made by the wine and further attitude to it. Much has been said and written about it. However, the topic of wine-drinking culture is still burning. Why is it so important for a winemaker?- you can ask. Everything is very easy. Any winemaker is a creator, inventor of their product and each bottle of sparkling wine that you take in your hands is made by an author. You have already read about classical manufacturing and you know that bearing Artemovsk sparkling wine lasts at least 9 months. Over this period sparkling wine goes through a number of stages of wine making: birth, riping, maturing …

We treat it as our child and, surely, expect the same cherishing attitude from you.

Sparkling wine is a unique product, combining calm nobility of still wine and bright sparkling temper of a festive beverage. Try to pronounce phrase «sparkling wine», or, e.g. «champagne»… You will see that the eyes of those who are standing around you start to shine. This is the wine for holidays, for happy events, pleasant occasions and good mood. It was created to give people joy. Sparkling wine is suitable for noisy receptions, romantic evenings, festive standing dinners. It is a pleasure for the eye thanks to its crystal clarity and merry play of bubbles in a beautiful glass. Its bouquet mesmerizes, its tender and cool taste pleasantly embraces your receptors …

Therefore, it is even more painful for me to see that in summer heat it is poured into awful plastic glasses; frowning, people drink it warm or with chocolate, or still worse, they try to shake it with a metal с muzzle thus actually killing the wine!

Dear friends! We live in the civilized world… Why should we waste money on something that does not make us happy?! Wine does not deserve this treatment. Classical sparkling wine requires careful attitude and delicate touch, since its consumption is a ritual, which must bring pleasure.

Try to start a dialogue with wine, and it will open its secrets to you. At first create the right atmosphere for the wine. An elegant tulip-shaped glass will enable you to enjoy the wine beauty and feel all the smallest details of the bouquet, while the ideal cool temperature will give you exquisite notes of ageing and harmonic taste with long aftertaste.

Finally, correctly chosen groceries will bring you maximum satisfaction from sparkling wine. Create festive atmosphere be yourself, and let you have more happy occasions and notable events in life! 

Stovbur Nina Ivanivna –
Chief process engineer, winemaker
 Artemovsk Winery

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