KRIMART – best sparkling wine of the year

Sparkling wine KRIMART white extra brut from ARTEMOVSK WINERY was recognized the best sparkling wine of the year at the Golden Gryphon - 2011. At the same time sparkling wines KRIMART rose brut and KRIMART red brut were awarded Gold medals of the contest.

International contest of grape wines, cognacs (brandies), sparkling wines, vodkas and alcohol beverages «Yalta. Golden Gryphon -2011» was held from 25 July to 3 August 2011 in Yalta.

The contest organizers were the National Academy of Agriculture of Ukraine, the National Institute of Grape and Wine «Magarach» jointly with the Union of wine-makers of the Crimea and the International Federation of the CIS Union of viticulturists and wine-makers.

According to the organizers’ data, the contest included participants from wine-making enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, France, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, and Uzbekistan. The contestants presented over 200 samples of their products to the board.

The results of the professional contest were a gift to Artemovsk winemakers before the 4 August – Champagne birthday which has already become for them a traditional professional holiday. Artemovsk Winery produces its wines using the old champagnization method, which is commonly called the traditional technology worldwide. Despite the fact that the French are considered to be the inventors of sparkling wine, the fact that Artemovsk wines were recognized the best in the country shows that we also have Masters, who are capable of creating genuine masterpieces of the winemaking art.

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