Finally! Two first goals of our team and the debut of EURO-bottles of sparkling «Artemovsk 0:2».

We won! We shared the exultation of millions of supporters, watching a spectacular football match between the national teams of Ukraine and Sweden in the first game of EURO-2012. Despite persistent resistance from the Swedes, we managed to reverse the game and score two winning goals. To the season of football victories Artemovsk Winery prepared a symbolic gift: a new product «Artemovsk 0:2», being a mini version of the popular sparkling wine in a bottle of 0,2l with football emblems.

«Artemovsk 0:2» is not only a convenient mobile bottle with a screw cap, but also appealing football aesthetics that does not leave any supporter of the most spectacular sport game indifferent. The specialty will immediately attract those who consider football not just an exciting entertainment but a lifestyle.

Our two goals brought a firm victory that did not leave any doubts in the strength and mastery for supporters and opponents. We wish our favourite teams to win with this score and celebrate their new triumphs on ЕВРО-2012 grounds with mini sparkling wine «Artemovsk 0:2».

«Artemovsk 0:2» is distributed in retail chains in Ukraine, as well as in partner cafes and restaurants, popularizing the best wines of the world together with us and appreciating big European football.

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