New Logistics Hub of PJSC Artemovsk Winery Is Opened in Artemovsk

October 22, 2012, Artemovsk, the formal ceremony of opening a new «А» class logistics hub of Artemovsk Winery, total area 5160 sq.m. was opened. New warehousing premises have the capacity of 2 million bottles of finished products, which ensures timely delivery of sparkling wine to end consumers.

логистический комплекс Артемовск Вайнери

The construction of the new logistics hub started in 2011 and has been a part of the company comprehensive investment program, aimed at upgrading production facilities, enhancing logistic system and expansion of warehousing floor.

логистический комплекс Артемовск Вайнери

Artemovsk Winery Logistics hub has the following specifications:

  • Handling units: automatic dock shelters are equipped with handling dock levelers with adjustable lift.
  • Accounting and control system: automated system allows computerization of accepting, loading and keeping records of finished goods, special marking of boxes gives and opportunity to monitor and trace the route of the goods from manufacture to the end consumer (including manufacturing dates, design, shipping, information on the carrier etc.).
  • Temperature conditions: rooftop air-conditioning system ensures stable temperature round the year, optimal for storing sparkling and still wines.
  • Location: convenient access roads, ensuring heavy truck traffic.
  • Hub infrastructure: a new road of 185 m was built between the company warehouse and industrial sites.
  • Parking lots: parking lots for automobiles and special areas for heavy trucks providing space for free maneuvering.
  • Safety system: safety is ensured by the 24/7 video surveillance system, security checkpoints, fire protection and security alarm systems, a security service office of the rapid response team and the canina service is located at the site.
  • Workforce: 15
  • Uptime: 250 days per year
логистический комплекс Артемовск Вайнери

The CEO of PJSC Artemovsk Winery Aleksey Garkusha noted that «At present our enterprise takes up around 30% market of sparkling wines in Ukraine. Therefore, sales and flow of goods are growing. Owing to the construction of new and contemporary warehousing premises, our requirements to the volumes of stored products and logistic needs will be fully satisfied».

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