Hectic period of New Year and Christmas holidays is not only a wonderful occasion to meet colleagues, friends and family and have a glass of sparkling wine, but it is also the time to summarize results and make plans for the future.

Upon the results of 12 months 2012 Artemovsk Winery was a sustainable leader on the domestic market of sparkling wines: the company manufactured 19 230,7 thousand bottles, which is 26,5% of the gross national volume of sparkling wines (in 2011 the respective share was 23,6%). However, besides indices and figures, being the key objective criterion of success, an important element for the success was new ideas, significant events and achievements, promoting development, innovations and going ahead. At the beginning of year Artemovsk Winery names 5 notable results of the past 2012 by its business activities.

New design standard for Ukrainian market: in early 2012 Artemovsk Winery developed and patented a new form of design for its sparkling wines. Since March 2012 company products have had new caps, which do not require the use of a collar. This style of design has become widely popular in Europe, with manufacturers as well as with consumers of classical sparkling wine. Now it is available in Ukraine.

Exclusive event products to significant events and gift options of premium - products: in June 2012, especially for the football championship of EURO-2012 in Ukraine, the company offered supporters a limited issue of ТМ Artemovskoye, volume 0,2l, with a sport design. The novelty, becoming a rare souvenir, was highly appreciated by domestic and European supporters and connoisseurs of sparkling wines. In July Artemovsk Winery launched ТМ SOLOKING – a gift option of sparkling wines in the exclusive bottle. The product has been in high demand with those who appreciates high-quality sparkling wines, follows trends on the market of spirits and can make exquisite gifts to their friends.   

Premiers of trademarks and collections of sparkling wine: in May 2012 under the programme of development of the national culture of wine consuming in Ukraine Artemovsk Winery presented Ukrainian public with a novelty – a special edition of French Bordeaux of 2009 CHARTE Médoc, as well as CHARTE Chablis of 2011 from Chablis, a famous wined-making region in Burgundy. In September, Ukrainian distillery Altera tailored a new Ukrainian vodka – “Free Steppe” – for Artemovsk Winery.  In October an absolutely new collection of semi-sweet sparkling wines, CHARTE Komilfo, was successfully introduced and received by the public.

Expansion of retail chains and development of logistics infrastructure: in 2012 a new Artemovsk Winery shop was opened, and a logistics hub, class «А» and total area 5160 sq.m. was put into operations. New warehousing premises allow storing up to 2 million bottles of finished products, which enables timely delivery of sparkling wines to the end consumer.

Popularization and Promotion of Ukrainian products on global market: in 2012 Artemovsk Winery product was awarded Gold Medal at IV Prince Golitsyn International Sparkling Wine Competition for its «Artemovskoye white brut». At XVI International Professional Wine Competition in Moscow trademark «Artemovskoye» won in nomination the «Brand of the Year» and was awarded with Gold Medal for sparkling wine «Artemovskoye» red semi-sweet. The same year the winery twice took a part in major international events – wine and spirits exhibitions in China: Top Wine China 2012 in Beijing and Interwine China 2012 in Guangzhou. The exhibition in Guangzhou highly praised the quality of KRIMART white extra-brut sparkling wine of 2008, which was recognized as the «Best Sparkling Wine». In 2012 geography of company sales expanded in the CIS countries due to deliveries of «Artemovsk sparkling wine» to Armenia.

Artemovsk Winery wishes the year 2013 to be successful, promising and beneficial for you! Be the leader, improve and enhance your business using professional skills, determination and innovation. Let us start the new year together – with new plans and hopes for the future!

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