ARTEMOVSK WINERY as a tourist destination: 20 000 visitors in 2012!

Last year Artemovsk Winery beat its records in both sparkling wine output and tourism. In 2012 the company was visited by 20 000 guests.

For over 150 years industrial tourism – arrangement of tours to enterprises in operation – has been an effective tool in promoting their brands by leading global companies. About 15 years ago the boom of industrial tourism started in Western Europe, and Artemovsk Winery, one of the first companies in Ukraine, also introduced this format of "live advertising".

Artemovsk Winery industrial tourism

In 1999 Artemovsk Winery first allowed tourists in. Since then the winery was annually visited by around 5 thousand people. This number gradually increased and reached 10 thousand in 2010. That was the time when Artemovsk Winery cellars welcomed their 100-thousandth visitor. However, in 2012, a new record was set – 20 thousand visitors per year!

No surprise that 2012 was a record by the number of tourists. Combination of leisure and cognitive activities is becoming more and more popular with guests from home and abroad (actively visiting our country after EURO-2012). It is especially appealing to learn about the features of Ukrainian wine making taking a look at the facilities of leading national brands. To create most comfortable conditions for visiting the production facilities, in 2012 Artemovsk Winery opened new tours and built modern tasting rooms. Since July 2012 Saturdays have been included in the schedule of tours. A new convenient online system of tour booking and payment was launched. Settlements are made through the Ukrainian processing centre using payment cards VISA and MasterCard.

Artemovsk Winery industrial tourism

Over 1.5-hour tour around Artemovsk Winery the enterprise not merely shows its guests the complete process cycle and the product range. The time, spent at the winery, makes the visitor see, believe and be absolutely confident that here sparkling wine is made in full compliance with traditions by professionals who are sure of the quality of their products, love and respect what they do.

Industrial tourism at Artemovsk Winery is one of the priority business lines in the comprehensive program of wine consumption culture development, which has been implemented by the company for over 10 years. Actual joy and maximum benefit of sparkling wine consumption is possible provided you know the beverage (how and who manufactured it, what it goes best with).

Artemovsk Winery industrial tourism

A tour is a key to open the world of sparkling wines. Visit the official website of Artemovsk Winery ( and, book online your visit and the number of seats you wish.

We welcome you at the unique underground museum of Sparkling Wine!

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