Recognizable classics: look for patented mark on artemovsk winery products!

Old connoisseurs of Artemovsk Winery products know that for over fifty years the special feature of our company sparkling wine has been the production under the French classic bottle champagnization method. This technology, recognized by the world best wine makers, suggests long-term aging of the beverage in bottles for at least 9 months, unlike the widespread simplified and accelerated process flow.

The best things are created only in love. Therefore, during the time of aging – bottle champagnization – this refined sparkling wine requires plenty of care and affection. In the classic production cycle, to achieve crystal clear wine and full removal of sediment, all bottles are installed with their necks facing downwards in special stands with holes that have the angle of 45 degrees. Every day each bottle is very carefully turned in order to move the sediment towards the cork, not staying either on the bottle walls or in the wine. Time, skills and care help to voice the fine, nearly musical composition of each mark of our sparkling wine. It is symbolic that these wine stands, enabling the wine makers to perform this filigreed work manually, are called music stands. A music stand is a sign of the time-tested mastery, symbol of the classic sparkling wine manufacturing.

Artemovsk Winery is privileged to present the patented mark CPM – Classic Production Method – which hence will be placed on all the products made under the above classic method. The mark bears the image of a wine stand – an indispensable tool for a wine maker, holder of time-tested production traditions.

запатентованный знак CPM Classic Production Method

Selecting a beverage in points of sale, pay attention to the logotype in the shape of a circle with an inserted wine stand and semicircular inscription above – Classic Production Method, located in the right lower corner of the label on the front side of the bottle. Now the wine stand – on all the Artemovsk Winery bottles – means that we thoroughly keep classic production traditions and offer our customers only the best sparkling wines.


  • – Classic production method is a way of manufacturing sparkling wines, under which wine saturation with carbon dioxide (champagnization) occurs naturally, by secondary fermentation in bottles and further aging in the horizontal position for at least 9 months. This method is the standard for the production of high quality sparkling wines.

  • – Wine stand is a special desk with holes for bottles. After the placement into the stand holes, the bottles are left still till complete wine clarification. The yeast sediment is then accumulated but not consolidated in the neck and shoulders of a bottle. Compression of the yeast sediment is achieved by light shaking of the bottle and its slight turn clockwise.

  • – Music stand is a desk for the score (embedded into a musical instrument or a separate item).

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