New design of «Krim» and «Artemovskoye»: 10 trendy tints of sparkling classics

Wine etiquette is not only an important regulation code for all of us regarding laying and combining beverages and dishes. Etiquette is also the appearance of the wine, its visual presentation and informative identification. In brief: etiquette is an identity card of the sparkling wine, the «cover» by which it is judged, recognized and selected by the consumer.

A successfully selected package and the style etiquette of the high-quality sparkling wine is already half the battle to win the long-lasting feeling of love. Therefore, the skills to spot the spirit of time and «change» in time, creating the zest to the casual dress code, will intensify the interest, which is a universal rule for all trend setters, both in fashion and in wine.

This May will be marked by the new triumphal launch of two updated and restyled popular ranges of sparkling wines by Artemovsk Winery – «Krim» and «Artemovskoye». Spring introduction will not stay unnoticeable thanks to the refined company style, implemented in the new colour, shape and content of the bottle label. Updating the appearance of Artemovsk Winery products is being carried out jointly with English design company Claessens International – a well-known entity with global “wine fashion” designers.

Before restyling the etiquette of trademarks «Krim» and «Artemovskoye» there was a task to unify the “card” conception of these popular sparkling wines, adapt it to the company style and optimize the perception of the products by the consumer. The new design is more exquisite and, at the same time, elegant, easy to perceive and remember. The elegance of these sparkling wines is emphasized with fine lines of fonts, refined colour solutions and laconic label proportions, containing full information about the beverage and its manufacturer.

Updating the visual looks of sparkling wines «Krim» and «Artemovskoye» is a part of the company program conception, aimed to make the etiquette design fully compliant with international standards. An important element of this program is the placement of the patented mark of the Classic Production Method (CPM) with a wine stand – in the right corner of the front label.

This spring the showroom of trademarks «Krim» and «Artemovskoye» includes 10 new models.

Trio «Krim» is presented in bright contrast shades of the ornamental upper edge of the etiquette with a fine golden frame:

  • – White brut (warm beige etiquette)
  • – White semi-dry (classical black)
  • – Red semi-sweet (hot ruby-red)

New design of Krim Artemovsk Winery

The collection of «Artemovskoye» comprises powerful melodramatic as well as soft pastel tints of the laconic rectangular golden-framed labels:

  • – White semi-sweet (fresh light blue sky shade)
  • – White semi-dry (natural straw-lime)
  • – White brut (deep-blue background)
  • – Muscat semi-dry (energetic forest green)
  • – Rosy semi-dry (strawberry and cream with saffron inclusions)
  • – Red semi-sweet (intense ruby with the latest trend fuchsia tone)
  • – White semi-sweet (former «Sovetskoye» – relief shade of bitter chocolate)

New design of Artemovskoye Artemovsk Winery

Those who appreciate sparkling wines should pay special attention to the fact that the restyling of «Artemovskoye white semi-sweet» reflects the time-tested image of «Sovetskoye champagne». Unexpected and ultrafashionable understanding of the favourite beverage with long history is the zest of the updated «Artemovskoye» series.

Set trends, emphasize key style elements and meet the new season with 10 new shades of the sparkling classics – in all certified points of sale in Ukraine.

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