Now Moldova has its own "KRIM"

This year one more state acceded to the community of country-importers of sparkling wines Artemovsk Winery. Now Artemovsk sparkling wines will be drunk also in Moldova. The first batch of the products of the trade mark “KRIM” will appear on the tables of the residents of this Republic already in May this year. Importer is a company that is the largest distributer of elite alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages in the territory of Moldova.

A new partner of Artemovsk Winery has a 14-year experience of work with the largest alcoholic brands. Company’s success is expressed in constant increase of market share, turnover and range of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages represented on the market of Moldova. Specialists of Moldavian enterprise are assured that trade mark “KRIM” that has already conquered hearts of Ukrainians and Russians in a short time will be popular on the market of Moldova as well.

Note: Artemovsk Winery PJSC manufactures sparkling wines exceptionally by classical bottle champagnization method. Artemovsk sparkling wines are successfully exported abroad since 1972. Export supply of Artemovsk Winery products embraces more than twenty countries of the world.

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