Rendezvous point in a big city: opening of CHARTE BAR in shopping and leisure center “DONETSK CITY”

Visiting wine forums in the largest world capitals and following up fashion trends of services market that revolutionize space of modern megalopolis, Artemovsk Winery was inspired with the idea of popular establishments for stylish people – champagne bars. Champagne bar conception expanded in the world due to initiative of notable champagne houses Moёt & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Louis Roederer etc., offering real connoisseurs of sparkling wine possibility to taste the best species of champagne in elegant atmosphere of exquisite wine establishments. After successful shopping in the largest trade centers of New York, London, Milan, Berlin and Paris one can take a break for a wineglass in champagne bar.

On June 29 Artemovsk Winery will open CHARTE BAR in Shopping and Leisure Center “DONETSK CITY” – conceptual rendezvous point for stylish people in a big city. Encouraging development of the national culture of wine drinking Artemovsk Winery took as a basis for Ukrainian market precisely democratic European format of champagne bars special feature of which is that the wines are sold by wineglasses at available retail price that differs from usual restaurant cost. Up to now there were no establishments of HoReCa segment of similar format in Ukraine.

Laconic interior of CHARTE BAR rated for 25 places is made in soft tones of dark oak and natural stone and smoothly fitted into atrium of Shopping and Leisure Center as an elegant islet of calm and relaxation. Visitors peeped into bar for a little may take stand near bar counter. Those who want to have a rest for a longer time or to talk face-to-face have at their disposal cozy places in armchairs at the tables.

Sparkling wines KRIMART, KRIM, “ARTEMOVSKOE”, CHARTE komilfo, SOLOKING and still wines of Burgundy and Bordeaux produced in France under the TM CHARTE by the order of Artemovsk Winery are represented in the basic wine list. To each ordered wineglass – welcome drink from the establishment. CHARTE BAR will be opened daily from 10 to 22, all working days of Shopping and Leisure Center “DONETSK CITY”.

Visit CHARTE BAR and make sure that it is an ideal place for rest, date or meeting with friends. It is created for those who in crazy pace of living is able to find time and place for relax and communication. CHARTE BAR – tasting of sparkling and still wines of the best quality for reasonable price.

CHARTE BAR – sparkling pause in the music of a big city.

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