Elixir of summer: fruit improvisation from TM CHARTE

Slipping away sultriness of the last summer month gladdens with splendid gifts of orchards. Evenings become cooler drawing nearer a golden time of vintage. At the interface of two fruitful seasons winemakers of Artemovsk Winery pay tribute to richness of tastes created by nature and introduce a novelty: a line of fruit low-alcohol sparkling wines under the Trademark CHARTE already loved by admirers of semisweet wine. New drinks CHARTE komilfo were created for those who know how to spend summer with a taste not losing clarity of mind.

Artemovsk Winery CHARTE komilfo line of low-alcohol sparkling fruit wines

Creation of a fruit CHARTE komilfo was evoked with the European trend of the beginning of the 20th century: sparkling wines mixed with fruits were served on summer terraces of Mediterranean resorts. Light “sparkling sangria” with its energetic and fine favor perfectly allayed thirst, - refreshed but did not befuddled.

Fruit sparkling beverage CHARTE komilfo is a variation after sangria. Three graceful improvisations on the subject of ripe strawberry, fleshy fruits of apricot and fragrant green apples are represented in the bottles with an elegant light decorum. Deep intensive basis traditional for classic sparkling grape merges with coquettish fruit and berry notes granting harmonious, light and at the same time piquant compositions.

New beverage is produced under unique technology based on classic champagnization of sparkling wine in the bottle during not less than 9 months with further addition of high quality dosage liqueur determining appellation and flavor of sparkling wine. Fruit CHARTE komilfo is a hundred-per-cent wine beverage not containing water and juice. Unlike traditional sparkling wine with the strength of 12.5% fruit CHARTE komilfo with alcoholic content of 8.5% stands out with lightness such important for universal beverages that are appropriate for any, even torrid weather. Artemovsk Winery Company is the only enterprise in Ukraine that produces such product.

Three wine semisweet beverages are represented in the premier line of fruit CHARTE komilfo.

Apple CHARTE komilfo is an improvisation on the basis of white sparkling wine of wine materials Aligote, Caucourt and Riesling. Light straw beverage with a golden shade has in its favor strongly marked notes of green apple and instantly creates happy summer mood.

Apricot CHARTE komilfo is a composition on the basis of white sparkling wine of wine materials Aligote, Caucourt, Riesling and Rkatsiteli. Apricot note carrying you to gracious shadow of orchard solos in the favor of the beverage of light straw color with a golden shade.

Strawberry CHARTE komilfo is a berry fantasy on the basis of pink sparkling wine of wine materials Aligote, Caucourt and Cabernet-Sauvignon. The beverage of light pink color with strongly marked notes of strawberry braces up and evokes romantic emotions.

New sparkling wines CHARTE komilfo are main fruit impressions of the season in a glass. Let spend summer with a taste not losing clarity of mind.

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