CHARTE BAR conquers the capital: sparkling pause in Ocean Plaza

After successful shopping at the largest trade centers of New York, London, Milan, Berlin and Paris one can take a break – for a glass of sparkling wine in champagne bar. Now capital citizens will have such an opportunity.

This autumn the largest and the most fashionable in Ukraine Shopping and Leisure Center “Ocean Plaza” which opening in the Ukrainian capital became a significant event of the last year, celebrates its first birthday. We are glad to inform that on the eve of this outstanding event the Company Artemovsk Winery made a decision to open a new CHARTE BAR at the Shopping and Leisure Center “Ocean Plaza”.

the most fashionable in Ukraine Shopping and Leisure Center Ocean Plaza

Unique characteristics of the Shopping and Leisure Center “Ocean Plaza” which include 8-hall cinema, about 300 stores of leading world brands, and certainly the largest public aquarium in Ukraine with 1000 inhabitants of the ocean, bring it to the line of must-visit places in Kiev, and every day attract thousands of visitors. One comes here in good earnest and for long that’s why it is not possible to do without an islet for relax in the ocean of shopping and entertainment. Currently there are more than 30 cafes and restaurants on the map of the “Ocean” but till recently there were no establishments of democratic European format “Champagne-bar”.

Why being in the “Ocean Plaza” is it worth to drop in just here? The whole ocean of sparkling wines is represented in the wine list of CHARTE BAR: the fullest list of semidry, semisweet wine and brut (TM KRIMART, KRIM, “ARTEMOVSKOYE”, CHARTE komilfo, SOLOKING), as well as still wines of Burgundy and Bordeaux manufactured in France under TM CHARTE by the order of Artemovsk Winery. Wines will be served in glasses at the reasonable retail price, different from the common restaurant cost. To each glass – a compliment from the establishment.

CHARTE BAR in Ocean Plaza

Absolute advantage of CHARTE BAR, besides an abounding wine list and client-oriented service, – time-bonus: you decide yourself whether to spend here an hour or 10 minutes, pleasure of tasting is guaranteed in any case. CHARTE BAR is a place where your time is held in respect. This is a break that braces up and inspires to continuation of a long and exciting day in a modern megapolis.

We hope that tradition of tasting a new sparkling wine with each successful purchase will become a good tradition of regular customers of the Shopping and Leisure Center “Ocean Plaza”. Bottoms up for those who are in the “Ocean”!

Date and time of opening of CHARTE BAR in the Shopping and Leisure Center “Ocean Plaza” will be announced additionally.

CHARTE BAR is a sparkling pause in the music of a big city.

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