Artemovsk Winery invites to celebrate champagne birthday on the 4th of August!

Artemovsk Winery invites to celebrate Champagne Birthday on the 4th of August

Holidays are such wonderful days when it is conventional to have a lovely time together, to have parties, to arrange feasts, ceremonies or just to congratulate each other. Holidays may be international, professional, religious, traditional, formal and informal, but one thing unites them – an occasion to relax and have a good time. And there are holidays that inspire...

The forthcoming holiday – Champagne Birthday that is celebrated by the whole world on the 4th of August, probably can be subsumed to all these categories. After all, it is celebrated traditionally not only in France but throughout the world. Both wine-makers professionals and connoisseurs of sparkling wine, and perhaps even ministers of religion – followers of the famous monk Pierre Perignon who is considered to be the ancestor of champagne, celebrate it. Well, why not? On the 4th of August Artemovsk Winery, paying tribute to the tradition, invites to raise glasses to "the sacred bubbles", to those who create and to those who love them endlessly!

To Champagne Day!

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