Art as a gift from "Artemovsk Winery"

As part of the program of development of national wine consumption culture and in anticipation of the holidays, "Artemovsk Winery" in a creative alliance with the company "Konti" represents collection of gift sets "ART-PRI": sparkling wine and chocolates in an exclusive package.

Artemovsk Winery with the company Konti represents collection of gift sets ART-PRI

From now on you do not need to waste time looking for special enogastronomic present for your beloved, friends and colleagues – the manufacturers have taken care that gift ensemble was tastefully selected and gracefully packed.

In the 2015/2016 year, four variations of gift sets inspired by the golden age of artistic subjects L'art de vivre will be introduced to your attention.

L'art de vivre is the art of living. The main component of “L'art de vivre” is a good taste in everything: from food and drinks on your table to the decoration of your house and ability to build your life in such a way in order to take maximum enjoyment in it. Rich traditions of gastronomy, wine and entertainment are the result of human development for centuries. A lot of what is now associated with the art of living has come to us from Europe. Refined atmosphere of the French bar, sustained style of English dinners, laid-back spirit of the Scandinavian summer lunches and picnics are engraved in the best examples of European painting, full of life-affirming colors.

Artemovsk Winery with the company Konti represents collection of gift sets ART-PRI

Format of feasts changes but its main components remain the same: first-class drinks, delicious snacks, and good company that know lots about the art of communication.

Collection "ART PRI" – art as a gift.

For reference:

PrJSC "Artemovsk Winery" is the largest enterprise in Eastern Europe for the production of sparkling wines by classical bottling method. The whole production cycle of "Artemovsk Winery" is located at a depth of 72 meters in underground gypsum tunnels that throughout the year preserve unique microclimate conditions – constant temperature and humidity.
The company has 145 various medals and awards of prestigious international competitions. In particular, the award "Best sparkling wine of Eastern Europe" of the international competition VITEFF (France).

"Konti" Group occupies the second place in Ukrainian confectionery market; it is among ten leading confectioners in Eastern Europe, as well as 50 companies in the top of the world rating of confectionery manufacturers Global TOP-100.
Major trademarks of "Conti" Group: chocolates EsfeRo, AMOUR, Bonjour-dessert, and “KONTI”.

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