On June 29 “Artwinery” PrJSC celebrates the 66th aniversary from the foundation day

Artwinery celebrates the 66th anniversary from the foundation day

Dear colleague!

Let me congratulate all of you on this occasion. First of all, I want to thank you for your hard work, for dedication to the company and to our common business. I am absolutely confident that together we can overcome all the difficulties and obstacles in order to achieve our goals, in order that the name “Artwinery” becomes a symbol of success and prosperity for many years.

I wish all of you good health, personal happiness and professional success and inspiration for each day in work and in life. Let all your hopes and dreams come true. Let our product to the creation of which each of you has invested part of his soul, brings joy and pleasure to us, its creators, and everyone who loves and appreciates it. After all, for this sake we live and work!

With our holiday, dear friends! Peace to all of us, and prosperity!

Director General
of “Artwinery” PrJSC
A.Yu. Garkusha

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