Artwinery congratulates all sparkling wine lovers on the 348th anniversary of champagne!

On August 4 by the tradition established by the French, the whole world celebrates the Day of Champagne. According to the legend, on this day in 1668, the French monk Dom Perignon discovered amazing bubbles in wine which many years later made Champagne province famous all over the world.

ARTWINERY congratulates all lovers of sparkling wine on the 348th anniversary of champagne.

More than three centuries this drink conquers the hearts of millions of people. Odes were composed and poetry was devoted by the most eminent masters of word to it, the great emperors and high and mighties worshiped to it, it was admired by women and delighted by men.

Today, Champagne is a symbol of refined taste. It is customary to feast eyes on it, drink slowly, enjoying every nuance of flavor and taste. It is served on special occasions or celebrations. Only sparkling wine awakens in us a sense of celebration, happiness, fun and pleasure. True sparkling wine is a real work of art.

So let perky bubbles frisk in our glasses, let the stars come down from heaven and make our eyes sparkle with joy, and let all of us find the reason to raise a glass of this fine wine!

Have a sparkling mood!

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