#YOURsparklingTIMEinKYIV: meet the Eurovision accompanied by new sparkling wine from “Artwinery”!

A blossoming place on the slopes of Dnipro – our “place of power” – welcomes guests of song contest “Eurovision”. On the occasion of long-awaited event, “Artwinery” prepared for guests and citizens of capital limited series of the most popular sparkling wine in special solemn design that embodies our love to Kyiv and admiration for its unique musical architecture.

ARTWINERY Artemivske semi-sweet ARTWINERY Artemivske white brut

Kyiv panorama conquers with variety. In the morning, symphony of gold domes of the ancient churches flies down from the green hilly slopes over the monotone musical scale of exuberant bridges above Dnipro... In the evening, the lights of modern European megalopolis bloom like a necklace in electronic lounge... It’s fast moving, but balanced; modern, but proud of its past; powerful, but tender. That’s Kyiv we love and respect with a crush its various beauty.

Thus, we will present before the start of song and summer season a new series of “Artemovskoye semisweet” (in white day design) and “Artemovskoye white brut” (in blue evening design). Every sparkling wine is available in bottles with a volume 0.75l and 0.2l – in all points of sale in Kyiv and brand bars of sparkling wines CHARTE BAR (shopping mall Ocean Plaza and shopping mall Lavina).

Meet the Eurovision in Kyiv with a new hashtag #MYsparklingTIMEinKYIV and invite friends to root for the most rousing hits together.

#MYsparklingTIMEinKYIV Choose the best in Kyiv!

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