ARTWINERY celebrates the 67th anniversary of the founding

Today the East Europe's largest company in producing sparkling wine in a traditional technology, PrJSC “Artwinery”, celebrates the 67th anniversary of the founding.

On June 29, 1950 it was taken and approved the decision to create a classic sparkling wine factory in plaster tunnels of Artemivsk City (now Bakhmut). Today “Artwinery” is the largest factory in Eastern Europe in producing sparkling wine in a classical bottle method, which is among the top five the most highly technological wineries according to equipment in the world. Production capacity is about 25 million bottles of sparkling wine per year. And this is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which can produce the classical sparkling wine on this scale.

ARTWINERY celebrates the 67th anniversary of the founding

Over the years, brand “Artwinery” became a symbol of high quality of production. The French method of champagne production used at the enterprise, advanced innovations from world manufacturers as well as wine-making mastery are the main asset of the enterprise. In the end, all these factors produce high quality goods, which is able not only to meet the demand of domestic consumer but also honorably represent Ukraine as a wine-making country on the world market.

67 years is a considerable way for the enterprise. It’s decades of formation, development, professional growing-up and generational change of workers. But despite the long history, experience and achievements, one can surely say that it’s not the age for the enterprise of such level when the status achieved should be final. 67 years is just the beginning of long way to reach the top of success. And every year, while we celebrate the date of foundation, we take stock, evaluate results and again turn over the leaf of our history to begin a new chapter of chronicle named ARTWINERY.

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