Let’s celebrate Birthday of Champagne together with ARTWINERY!

On the 4th of August the most joyful drink in the world is 349 years old. History says that it was in 1668 when a Benedictine monk Pierre Perignon presented a wonderful sparkling drink to his brotherhood for the first time. Despite the fact that the description of the technology of making champagne was published only in 1718, and the champagne trade began ten years later, the French consider this date to be the Day of Champagne. The tradition to celebrate this holiday – the Birthday of Champagne – was introduced in France only in the twentieth century, and immediately the whole world took it up. Why not? After all, this is a wonderful occasion to fill the glasses with this delicious wine!

celebrate Birthday of Champagne together with ARTWINERY

For more than 67 years, ARTWINERY has been using champagne technology to produce its "Artemovsk" sparkling wines, which are no less famous in our country than French champagne. And that's why today, on August 4, paying tribute to the tradition, we invite everyone to raise glasses in honor of Champagne's Birthday together with us!

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