Winemakers of ARTWINERY open off-peak season!

ARTWINERY presents a novelty in the assortment of the trade mark "KRIM" – a white semisweet sparkling wine that is made of wine materials of the Crimean peninsula of the 2012 harvest and is kept in a bottle for at least 3 years. The novelty will be on sale in September 2017.

When such a long-awaited and beloved summer season is inexorably nearing completion, hot days are getting shorter, the August air is filled with the aroma of ripe apples, and in the evening freshness of the wind there is barely perceptible breath of autumn, we suddenly realize that we are still not ready to say goodbye to the summer. And three months of sunshine, riot of colors and bright emotions – this, in fact, is not so much.

Winemakers of ARTWINERY decided to remind us that after the summer comes no less beautiful time of the year – "off-peak season". So, it's time to please the true connoisseurs of the classics with a new "velvet" taste of sparkling wine from the trade mark "KRIM", which will certainly become the favorite of the season.

The novelty in the assortment of the trade mark "KRIM" is a white semisweet sparkling wine, made of Crimean grapes, the harvest of 2012, and kept in a bottle in the famous underground cellars of Bakhmut for at least three years. An elegant, refined blend created by Bakhmut wine-makers from own stocks of the Crimean wine materials, in the process of long aging reveals a unique bouquet and taste of classical sparkling wine.

In the aroma of this amazing sparkling fruit shades blend harmoniously with the notes of dried apricots, honey wax, tropical fruits and aging tones. The taste is soft, full, refreshing with a pronounced shade of ripe grapes. What could be more beautiful to celebrate the beginning of the off-peak season or to enjoy the memories of a summer holiday on the sunny Black Sea coast? Of course, the fact that, thanks to the winemakers of ARTWINERY, the "off-peak season" can now be enjoyed all year round with a glass of exquisite sparkling – "KRIM white semisweet".

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