Exquisite form of colored pearls in the new style of "Artemovskoye" for Artwinery birthday

The long-awaited restyling of TM Artyomovskoye sparkling wines finally consummated. Old-school traditions no more: simple forms and shades left in the past now.

This season you will find an updated label design on structured wine paper. Modern bottle of dark glass with a branded choker on an elegant neck is one of the highlights of the sparkling wine new dress code.

Exquisite form of colored pearls in the new style of Artemovskoye for Artwinery birthday

Nothing superfluous: elegant laconic fonts, a flicker of light yellow gold and submuted noble colors (black, light amber, blue, white) create a perfect label that fits any occasion. This is the style that you will never make a mistake with.

White semisweet “Black Pearl” for a family holiday, white semi-dry “Golden Pearl” for a gastronomical picnic and an informal friendly meeting, white brut “Blue Pearl” for a gala dinner with candles, white semisweet “White Pearl” for uncompromising accompaniment of a summer brunch – you can choose in random order. Pleasure is guaranteed!

The new style of Artyomovskoye is a response to the fashion challenges of the time. Dynamic lines, a premium combination of noble shades and observance of a monochrome composition emphasizes the peculiarity of the favorite brand, modernizes it and attracts new connoisseurs. The cutout in the center of the label reminds unsurpassed forms created by nature – the edge of the grape leaves or the edge of the shell. The only thing in the Artyomovskoye collection that remains unchanged is the quality of the sparkling wine, which is produced in strict accordance with the recipe and the classical production method of Champenois. With the obligatory aging of sparkling wine in a bottle from 9 months to 3 years in a unique microclimate at a 70 meters depth.

Let’s celebrate ARTWINERY's birthday together in the new dress. Look for the renewed bottles of Artyomovskoye at points of sale throughout the country and branded sparkling wine bars CHARTE BAR in the capital (Ocean Plaza, TsUM, SKY MALL, Gulliver).

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