French picnic from Artemovsk Winery

For the start of the picnic season Artemovsk Winery prepared a surprise for those who like sparkling wines, –the sales of the expanded series of «Artemovskoye» mini-version of 0,2 liter volume start on 5th May. Besides «Artemovskoye white brut» the collection will also include «Artemovskoye white semi-dry» and «Artemovskoye white semi-sweet». Now those who like standing dinners will be able to easily enrich the range of offered treatments with sparkling wines even in the open air. Mini bottles with a practical screw cap are fast to cool, easy to open, comfortable to ship in cool boxes or specially developed original packages. The mini version of sparkling wine is an ideal companion for a light lunch outside, which is so popular in Europe and especially in France.

Emile Zola in one of his novels gave the following description of a typical picnic at races in Lonchone: «Expecting the Grand Prix outside breakfasts were arranged. The most diverse sorts of cold meat were served, piles of baskets with sparkling wines used to be taken out of boxes». On its part Artemovsk Winery advises to complement the sparkling wine with light starters – fruit and cheese – get maximum satisfaction from talking freely with friends in the countryside without getting too hot in the sun.

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