CJSC «AZShV «Artemovsk Winery» changed its name

By the decision of the company shareholders meeting, in order to comply with the Law of Ukraine On Joint-Stock Companies, 11 April 2011 the name of Closed Joint-Stock Company «Artemovsk champagne factory «ARTEMOVSK WINERY» (Enterprise identification code 00412168) changed into the Private Joint-Stock Company «Artemovsk Winery» (Enterprise identification code 00412168).

In accordance with the Charter, the new full name of the enterprise in Russian is Частное акционерное общество «Артемовск Вайнери», short name – ЧАО «Артемовск Вайнери». In Ukrainian the full name is – Приватне акціонерне товариство «Артемівськ Вайнері», short name – ПрАТ «Артемівськ Вайнері». In English the full name of the enterprise is Private joint stock company «Artemovsk Winery», short name – PrJSC «Artemovsk Winery».

Besides, the full name «Artemovsk champagne factory «ARTEMOVSK WINERY» changed into «ARTEMOVSK WINERY». The decision on the change was made in order to exclude word «champagne» from the name. It was a well-thought step of the company management on the way of implementing the complex conception of introducing European development standards. «Artemovsk Winery» refused from using word «champagne» on its products labels and in the names of trade marks in 2005, thus confirming its status of an international market enterprise that orients on the contemporary market conditions and meets its new requirements.

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