FRAPIN Cognac house created a marvelous cognac ART-CONTER VSOP Grand Champagne in honour of 60-year anniversary of Artwinery as a sign of honour and respect for following the traditions of classical sparkling wine manufacturing.

This cognac is made of the grapes picked solely in Frapin Domaine – one of the largest vineyards in the province of Grand Champagne Premier Cru.

ART-CONTER is a long-aged cognac, with gilded amber colour and complex fruit bouquet, notes of dried wine and flowers, vanilla, light spices and aged oak tannin.

Note: Cognac house Pierre Frapin
Frapin is one of the oldest Cognac houses of France. The Frapin family has been manufacturing wine and cognac for over twenty generations. The history of the story starts in 1270, when it settled in Charente. Among the ancestors of Frapin family there is a famous writer of the XVI century Francois Rabelais, the son of Antoine Rabelais and Anne-Caterine Frapin. In the late XIX century the descendant of Pierre Frapin, also Pierre Frapin, made Frapin cognac famous worldwide, being awarded with four golden medals in a row at the World exhibitions in Paris, Berlin and New Orleans. The Frapin House has a large stock of old cognacs of Grand Champagne, whose ageing may be as long as it is desired. It means that cognac "Frapin" has an exquisite fine bouquet and a wonderful aftertaste, which is achieved by Grand Champagne cognacs after very long ageing. High quality of "Frapin" cognac has long gained deserved fame of connoisseurs in France and abroad.