One of the most important stages in the history of Artwinery was the construction of a new tirage area, which included the purchase and installation of high technology equipment. At present the tirage area is equipped with new tanks, made of food stainless steel, an automatic triage mix bottling line has been put into operation, its capacity is 12 000 bottles per hour.

During the tirage wine gets into bottles for the first time to become «saturated» with carbon dioxide and show up its temper. It should be borne in mind that in sparkling wine production only new bottles are used. They withstand high pressure of 17-18 atmospheres. Secondary use of bottle is strictly forbidden since over the long-term ageing period the glass crystal grid changes and the bottle loses its durability.

Tirage wine itself is a mix of blending, tirage liqueur and yeast starter. Yeast play the decisive part in sparkling wine manufacturing. At Artwinery we use a special «yeast race», developed by microbiologists. The unique recipe is an in-house know-how and is kept in secret.

As soon as bottles with wine are sealed with temporary crown-caps, a robot-placer (another innovation in the tirage area) automatically takes whole lots of bottles with triage wine off the line and sends them for ageing and champagnization in special containers.