The most demanding wine connoisseur will be charmed by the range of unrivalled taste sensations, given by famous bouquets of our noble sparkling wines. Though it is not worth trying to verbalize and explain the secret of creating harmony, the secret of achieving well-balanced taste is still here.

The guarantee of Artemovsk sparkling wine perfection is in high-quality wine materials, grown and picked on the most fertile and sunny land of the South of Ukraine (Odessa, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions) and Crimea Peninsula. While grapes become ripe the ground and climate of the fertile land make the harvest rich in taste and bouquet.

Traditional sorts for manufacturing white sparkling – Pinot and Chardonnay – bring a light but ripe and sunny fruit flavour tint into the whole taste palette, Riesling – makes the taste milder and filled with honey, while Aligote – marks savoury bitter note. For the red sparkling wine, blending is made on the basis of morocco tints of Cabernet group, rough berry Merlot notes and velvet shades of Saperavi.